Nice Guys verses Bad Guys

Nice guys finish last because they put their ladies first. – Anonymous

She was dating a pilot, a very wealthy one at that. She knew he loved her and would do anything for her. He was the perfect boyfriend. He would not even entertain the thought of cheating on her. She knew she was lucky to have him. He did not drink. She knew her competitor was Arsenal, a team he was passionate about about. She could live with that. He was a nice guy.

On few occassions, he would invite me to accompany her girl and him to a rave. I was a friend and colleague to the girl. He was a gentleman, the kind of guy another guy would think girls would date but we all know how nice guys fair on in the dating fraternity. We became good friends, not good enough to be boys but good enough for us to hug the way bros are supposed to hug. Not the way Kemboi hugged that French dude though. That is how the girl you have missed hugs you.

She lived in Ummo. One time, he had gone to visit her and someone unsuccesfully tried to steal his range rover’s side mirror. I do not know how much that thing costs but it must cost the same as a vitz and a year’s supply of fuel. He decided that his girlfriend would not live in an unsafe neighbourhood. Within a month, she had moved to Nairobi West in a fully furnished house. Her birthday was a few weeks away, and she got a car as a present. She was living a better life than her boss. And then she got pregnant!

They say that everyone is an aethiest until she misses her periods. As a guy, I have never understood Aunt Flo. Most girls hate when she visits and if she delays for a week, they get all worried. As someone else said, you know you have grown up when someone tells you she is pregnant and your first response is “Congratulations” rather than “isht, what happened?” After telling her congratulations, I had to use a seat to digest what she told me next.

As I was still picking my jaw from the floor, her boyfriend calls me. She whispers he doesn’t know yet. He wants to meet me urgently. That evening, we meet for drinks. Tusker for me, Fanta Orange for him. He tells me that he has reason to believe the love of his life is cheating on him. When he suspected, he asked guards to tell him of people who frequent her place. I was one of them. There was someone else who had spent the night in the house he is paying rent one too many times. He had pictures. I knew him.

The first thing I do when I get home is to call her. “What did you mean you are not sure who the father is?” was my hello. She owns up to cheating on her boyfriend with another colleague of ours. The guy I saw on the photos. I am too angry to talk to her. Her boyfriend was too good a person to be treated that way. I hoped the kid was his.

She tells both of them separately that they are to be dads in about 38 weeks to gauge their reaction. She starts with the pilot who is very excited. He thinks she should move in with him in Karen because his child should have a father figure around. The side dish suggests abortion. And that is when all hell breaks loose. The girl goes ahead and tells him he was the side dish and that the real father of the baby is a rich pilot and other unmentionable insults.

I will never understand women. I do not know what the side dish did, which witch doctors he went to and what they gave him to give to her but he must tell me one day. Within two weeks, the girl had warmed to the side dish that ladies in the office who knew part of the story loathed her. The pilot on the other hand had known the side dish was a colleague of ours, and that sort of put me between a rock and a hard place because I had denied knowing him when he showed me his picture. That as it may, he had bigger problems to deal with. His girlfriend had not picked his calls for three days – as soon as she found out he knew actually – and I was “on leave.” The thing with one lie is that you have to come up with another to cover up for it.

I decided to sit her down and ask about her game plan. Somehow, she had decided to stay with the side dish whom she was not even sure if he loved her. She was not sure she loved him too. He was a bad guy, the pilot was a nice guy. And again, bad had truimphed over nice in this unfair world. At that point, my fist made contact with the wall at a speed that would rival that of light. Something had to be hit and I was not going to hit her. I felt sorry for the guy. Just then, the side dish interrupted our meeting. We did not like each other and I never cared. Now, I hated him even more.

Tell him I will pay back everything he has done for you!” was his salutation. I felt that was the joke of the year. His salary was less than the rent the pilot was paying for her every month. The bigger joke was the girl falling for that nonesence. In no time, the pilot was calling. “Tell him we shall pay him everything!” she said, handing over the phone to the side dish as I slapped myself to see if I would wake up. As I left the room, I could hear the insults the side dish was throwing mainly because he had decided to proove he is a man by raising his voice. What surprised me was that she did not stop him. And knowing the pilot, I am sure he just sat thare and listened. A few minutes later, the side dish left in a hurry with the keys of the car the pilot had bought her. Apparently, to return it.

Where is the happy ending part, you may ask? As long as it is a nice guy verses a bad guy, there is none and there will be none. Bad guys win again as nice guys help Jepkosgei in finishing last.


1950: I want to show you a night out under the stars by the lake. Wouldn’t that be fine? 2012: Here’s a picture of my shaved cock. – Anonymous

That is the last [curse word] time I take dating advice from a muscle that pumps blood throughout my body. – Anonymous

I’d suck as a Christian because there’s no way I’m not ending every prayer with “…and please kill the [curse word] out of shitty people.” – Anonymous

Friend Zone – A Guys Guide To

What is a “Friend zone” (n)? This is the phrase (I have no idea who should get credit for coining it) that describes the point of the relationship between a male and a female that offers no progression beyond what is – ‘just friends!’ 

And so by extension and association, to “Friend zone” (v) is the act of putting one into this ‘box’ of ‘just friends!’ 

Friend zoning can be very frustrating and deflating, especially if the party being friend zoned was hopeful of ‘something more’. To the party ‘friend zoning’, I assume it easier to take in. I, however, doubt it’s just that easy.

This guide is from the male’s perspective so it may not be applicable for the females and is by no means definitive. All of the points mentioned here are all from experience – not just mine, but of many guys. You could view it as a preemptive approach to being ‘friend zoned’. Like they say, There are many ways to kill a rat – I subscribe to the method of making sure the rat is not born! 

So here goes – Friend zone – A Guy’s Guide To 

Be nice, be very nice

I could end this guide with just this one rule as all the others actually branch from this but I suppose I need to expound on it. 

You’ve heard it all before that ladies like nice guys, that’s always on their checklist. Truth is, they don’t like nice guys as partners … as husbands and best friends … Yes, just not boyfriends – this is a preserve of the ‘bad boy’. How they expect the bad boys to somehow end up being ‘nice guys’ once they are married is a mystery. Remember the line, “I can change him”? Well, we all know how that turns out.

 I have a theory on this, I think they prefer “bad boys” because ‘consistent disappointment is easier to handle than the occasional ones’ that nice guys come with, no matter how minute they maybe. Nice guys present them with a high standard that once they subscribe to, even a little tardiness will come off as a colossal disappointment. Nice guys are, more often than not, reliable and hence the slightest whiff of “disappointment” is cataclysmic by comparison. So you get them loving the ‘bad boys’ through the hurts and love they do. “Mr. Wrong” by Mary J. Blige ft Drake shows just how much they hold on, despite their knowing how wrong it is.

Being “Nice, very nice” will inevitably put you in the friend zone – guess who they’ll run to when they are in the hurting phase of her relationship? Preemptive strike One!

 Make the lady’s folks (brothers, sisters even parents) like you

As you can tell, this is only possible if you are “Nice, very nice” and genuinely so. By genuine I mean actually having genuine concern about her well-being. Being in good terms with her folks all but guarantees that she’ll friend zone you. Going against the folks is a mark of independence so as much as she may like you, the fact that her folks like you, kind of forces her not to consider you. Preemptive strike Two!

Her boyfriend should be your friend too … so much he considers you “safe” to hang out with her. This is a hard one and is advisable that you don’t go making it happen. If it happens, flow with it. If not, leave it at that. Point is you being a comfortable enough friend to her that she can mention you to him and he doesn’t get worried. This is not only a preemptive strike but safety net for you – you don’t want to be stabbed.

 Always be there for her, check up on her dating… how she’s doing, they are doing… be a good listener. – “Always” is a big word but it only means whenever you can, you be there for her when she calls on you. Especially in her low moments. Hang out, movies, coffee and stuff doesn’t hurt. This is just being “Nice, very nice” in detail. She can’t consider, at least not usually, you as more than ‘just a friend’ when you do all this. Preemptive strike Four!


 1. As much as she wouldn’t go out with you, she won’t take you going out with another quite well. She may become hostile to your girlfriend but maybe she’ll like her. No way of predicting this – just prep for both the best and worst.

 2. Never ever say you like them IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM. If she were a status update, don’t like it! Say you “don’t dislike” … something just not that you like her. That will take you from ‘friend zone’ to outcast … enemy territory even!


 The more perceptive of you will have picked up that this is another way of outlining what NOT to do if you do NOT want to be ‘Friend zoned’. So, take it how you see fit for you. This is not an exhaustive list, just what the ‘experiences’ common to me.

 An excerpt from an upcoming book, “A Guy’s Guide To Life” by EveryGuy for Everyguy … available soon … in your mind! ha!

Great friends look just like you

Never in my life have I found one such as you,
At times I wondered how I would deserve somebody like you,
That you would be mine and mine alone,
And still love me so much and your presence adorns,
Surely I am honored, yet again privileged today,
Hoping that a day shall come for me to hold you every day,
All day, as I listen to what you have to say,
May our friendship blossom, and the love germinate,
Wherever we go, I know the news we’ll generate,
Every time I know that this statement is true,
Notably that, great friends look just like you,
Daily I speak to you and keep appreciating that,
Endlessly, you keep me inside your heart.
by Mumo J. Nthale

Day dreaming

I think you are sweeping me off my feet. Stop at that! Coz am too heavy to lift. You call me sweetness. I don’t know why. I call you weakness. Because I’m getting addicted – high. Am blushing. cheeks flushing. Am smiling, even at nothing……and am wishing more and more in your arms to be nestling. I’m not sure i like this feeling. Usually for addictions, there is no healing. Damn! i hate to write about you. I swear this is the last line, the last time.Because the more i do, my head wanders into the clouds – further.

© Ado Yiembo

Copy and pass “Day dreaming” around to your heart’s content,
but always post my Copyright notice above, correctly, both as  courtesy and as a legal necessity to protect any writer. Thank you.


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My Beloved by Kiarii

My beloved you are mine and I, yours,

Hold my gaze with your mysterious blackness

Enchant me with the mystery of your darkness

For the shine of your face is like polished ebony

Like an African night in a moonless sky.


Bewitch me with the mischief of your wink,

And the flutter of your lovely lashes,

While your eyes twinkle like stars of my black skies.

Bind me with the beauty of your look,

And the love so intent in the look of your eyes.


Undo me with magic of your tongue,

In a sweet love ballad, a lazy whisper,

And the curl of your lips as you pout,

In a mock sulk, like the baby you are-

A young heart in a woman’s dress.


Blind me with the shine of your smile,

And the glint of your teeth in a merry grin,

In mischievous sneer or unbridled happiness,

Bright as a milky way in a moonless night,

Lighting my night when the moon won’t shine.


Mesmerize me with the dance in your step,

And the sway of your hips in measured walk,

The heave of your bosom in unbridled laughter,

The angelic crane of your neck, like a painter’s model

And I’ll paint you on the tablet of my heart.


I am amazed by the humility in your heart.

And the genius of your sober mind.

Though fairer than most, even all,

Like a bridled horse you rein your pride,

In measured words and careful steps.


My beloved I am yours and you, mine

A willing captive of your endless charm,

I’ll ever explore the mystery you are.

My beloved I am yours and you, mine,

To ever love, to ever cherish and forever hold.



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Trust by Alffie

In one of my favorite movies-The Italian Job-Donald Sutherland’s character always said this one line that has stuck in my head ever since:

“I trust everyone; I just don’t trust their demons”

The Russians on the other hand have a saying;
“Trust but verify!”


Looking at the world right now, you have to agree with me that trust is one thing lacking in almost every sphere of our daily lives.


Allow me to cite several things that have come to my attention to support this notion:


  • There was one a time when restaurants offered tomato sauce for free…but nowadays, well let’s just say you pay for everything!


  • Sticking with food; French fries a. k. a ‘chips’ are eaten with toothpicks! You could think the Chinese are not only flooding the country with their products & services but now even attempting to bring in their ‘chop-stick eating culture’ (starting “toothpick” small I suppose) but no! The reason is that, simply put, no restaurant is willing to risk buying forks every waking day!


  • And just to rub it in your face that they don’t trust you, you have to pay first before you eat…seems we all have the potential to run without paying our bills!


  • To say we don’t trust our politicians is a foregone conclusion yet somehow we trust them enough to keep voting them back in every other time!


  • The Matatu touts can’t afford to let you ride first and pay when you get to your destination; there was a time this was possible but not anymore!


  • Need to rent a house? You have to first pay a 2 and sometimes 3 month rent advance! I guess the landlords have had enough of people deciding to move out at night to avoid paying rent!


  • And just recently, the technology revolution just took this to a whole new level-an earth’s core low-level!! In comes Juju where you can spy on your spouse’s cell phone communications. Protecting your “investment”? I think not! Just another lack of trust scenario!


  • And the cheating in schools by young minds? Well, in a bid to ‘curb’ (read ‘we don’t trust these students/pupils’) we now have exams in the mornings only and education made ‘less tasking’ by allowing use of calculators and reduced subjects to study!!


All these measures will in no doubt continue so several questions arise:

“Where did the old fashion trust go?”

“Are these measures a consequence of our untrustworthiness or is our continued untrustworthiness a result of these measures?”


The answers to these and many other questions may never be conclusive but this one thing is certain trusting anyone, or anyone trusting us may be ill-advised! So to rectify this as Mohandas K. Gandhi said
“We have to be the change we want to see in the world”.
Or as one of my favorite artist DJ Nicholas puts it:


As a big automobile starts with key,

And Paul & Peter start with “P”

A revival (read ‘a revolution, change’) starts with (you and) me!!


*( ) my added interpretations.

What these men are saying is simply to bring back this virtue, don’t ask of it from another person before it’s in you first!

Be trustworthy!!


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Where are We Headed? by Alffie

Nowadays people care only for

The plant not the seeds

The outcome not the deeds

The wants not the needs

Do you know what that means?

Pepe Haze – We’ve lost it

So one of our fellow Kenyans who was in the Big Brother Allstars recently came back home. And the reception, as I see it is one almost befitting a hero or heroine in this case. The question that sticks out for me is: What exactly did she do to deserve this?.. Well, some say that they are proud of her for ‘representing Kenya well’ in the reality TV show!

Wait!! ‘Representing Kenya well?!!!” Really? Are we really to be proud of her actions in the TV show? And if we are, why are proud of it? Is it that she reflects us as a nation- Which I very much doubt- or us as people of the nation? I don’t see the need to get into the show’s antics but what does this say about us?

Then not so long ago, there was this drama about the lady who got “busted” by a radio show for having been involved with her boss. The husband suspected that the affair was going on and turned to the show which confirmed this suspicion albeit in unconventional ways.

Several reasons why this show is such are:

  • Relationships are full of deception these days
  • Controversy, ‘juicy’ cheating stories seem to attract more listeners than morally upright issues.

More to that, the story gets picked up by the morning show where ‘relationship’ advice is given.

When did we stoop to getting advice about relationships from the radio presenters?

When did we start to gauge our morals by standards portrayed by the media?

Where are we headed:

When we praise the ones that portray everything that is wrong in our society?

When are we headed:

When trust is out of our fabric as relating humans?

Where are we headed;

When our guide to life are media personalities?

Is the media a reflection of our society or the other way round or is it just a vicious cycle?

Whatever the answer, something needs to change.

In that great piece, Pepe Haze closes with this:

It was then that I realized,

We are not free!

Things have gotten worse,

Our sons (and daughters) worship

The system that’s killing us

If you cannot see this, you are probably in the picture!

“You can’t see the picture if you are in the frame” ~ MOG Showtime

It’s time you take a step back, get out of the frame!!