Dear Boobs by Kiarii

The following poem was written by Kiarii Wainaina, a guest writer. He is an upcoming writer currently living in Voi. You can find more of his work in Wideman World. Here though, is his tribute to the Breast Cancer Awareness month.


Round plump and firm,

You are the envy of many.

Lovers are bewitched by your sight

Enchanted by the mystery of your feel

Cuddle and handle but never get enough

Suckle and fondle; captives of your mystery.


Long, full and sagging,

An oasis for suckling babies

Their Canaan where milk flows.

From whence their muscle grows

And bones draw their strength,

While they teeth and learn to wean


Soft, warm and pillowy

Where a lover’s head may rest

While he catches a breath

Or the infant’s nest

While he suckles and giggles

The lover, content, the infant potent.


Bouncing, proud and lovely

Inseparable twins you are

In motherly care or in mischief

A darling of all young and old

May God ever keep you,

As you keep us, young and old!

Breast Cancer Awareness

Its breast cancer month once again. A few years back i discovered a lump in my breast and it freaked me out like insane. So i know what they mean when they tell you to examine your breasts. This is for all the women and men that care about their breasts. Indulge!

My twin peaks,

Rounded like black hills,

with chocolate caps.

I have to touch.

Aren’t they mine?


They are mine.

My unheard voice.

They say i am a woman.

I bubble with fertility.

© Ado Yiembo

Copy and pass this poem around to your heart’s content, but always post my Copyright notice above, correctly, both as courtesy and as a legal necessity to protect any writer. Thank you.