My Beloved by Kiarii

My beloved you are mine and I, yours,

Hold my gaze with your mysterious blackness

Enchant me with the mystery of your darkness

For the shine of your face is like polished ebony

Like an African night in a moonless sky.


Bewitch me with the mischief of your wink,

And the flutter of your lovely lashes,

While your eyes twinkle like stars of my black skies.

Bind me with the beauty of your look,

And the love so intent in the look of your eyes.


Undo me with magic of your tongue,

In a sweet love ballad, a lazy whisper,

And the curl of your lips as you pout,

In a mock sulk, like the baby you are-

A young heart in a woman’s dress.


Blind me with the shine of your smile,

And the glint of your teeth in a merry grin,

In mischievous sneer or unbridled happiness,

Bright as a milky way in a moonless night,

Lighting my night when the moon won’t shine.


Mesmerize me with the dance in your step,

And the sway of your hips in measured walk,

The heave of your bosom in unbridled laughter,

The angelic crane of your neck, like a painter’s model

And I’ll paint you on the tablet of my heart.


I am amazed by the humility in your heart.

And the genius of your sober mind.

Though fairer than most, even all,

Like a bridled horse you rein your pride,

In measured words and careful steps.


My beloved I am yours and you, mine

A willing captive of your endless charm,

I’ll ever explore the mystery you are.

My beloved I am yours and you, mine,

To ever love, to ever cherish and forever hold.



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