The Devil’s World

By YoungJoey


The greatest trick the devil ever pulled,; 
Am sure even the smartest were fooled,; 
who has seen the devil? Who has seen his face?; 
yet we walk with him every single day,; 
oh yes you do, don’t act surprised,; 
for the devil is with u, maybe by your side; 

for 30 pieces of silver the devil lurked,; 
In the brand new Mercedes your pastor wants,; 
in the excess change the conductor gave you; 
In the landlord who never forgave you; 
the devil rules the world and now its clear how; 
think about it my friend, think right now; 
what is the one thing you really need,; 
what is the one thing u pursue with greed; 
they say money doesn’t grow on trees; 
but in the garden of Eden, maybe it did;