Tears of a Girl

Today, I cried

I cried for all those times I wanted to cry but I could not

When I listened to that romantic song, when I watched that movie,

When I read her story,

When he finally found her, when she finally found him,

When you accused me unfairly,

When you told me ‘thank you’ for the first time ever,

When you said I was the most beautiful person you had ever met,

When you said I was your person,

When she called me in the middle of the night to tell me how he hurt her,

When her father died, when her daughter was born,

When he chose her instead of me,

When he stole my heart……..and when he broke my heart,

When you told me I was better and stronger than I thought,

When you believed in me,

When he held my hand even when I didn’t want him to but needed him to,

When you went away without saying goodbye, when you came back for me,

When you didn’t stand by me, when you ALONE stood by me,

When you remembered me after such a long time,

When you thought of me first,

When I didn’t even have a reason to

Today I cried…for me, and also for you

Because you wanted to but could not.

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