Believe What You Really Believe

By Young Joey

One day I just sat on my bed and thought, many people may not know me as a thinker but the few people who know me (I mean….really know me) would beg to differ. Anyway, as I sat on my bed – smoking on that popular illegal drug – I thought, the world as we know it is the only planet that supports life in it. It is not that other heavenly bodies cannot, but they lack a thing or two and that makes life impossible. Earth on the other hand is just the right distance from the sun, has a moon that lights up the dark half of the planet, and has all the right elements favourable for life. Did you know that Jupiter plays a role in Earth’s survival? Well it does. Jupiter’s mass shields the Earth from asteroids and comets, mmmh.. I want you to think about this… is Earth just this lucky?;that it just so happened to be the life supporting body that just lies in the perfect position in a very organised solar system?; Albert Einstein talked of the vastness of the universe and day by day NASA gets better and better telescopes to help us understand this, but surely there has never been any form of life on any other body except the Earth (well none that we know of). Anyway the above text was just to set you up for an observation I have made recently, (I am hoping to publish a book on this one day).

We are all born into our family or community believes: If our parents are Muslims we become muslims and every other religion is fallacy, if our parents are Christians we in turn become christians and every other religion is fallacy and so on and so on….

My point in this is that we never really truly believe our religious backgrounds we just tend to obey our parents. As there is no ONE language on earth there surely cannot be any ONE belief. It is human nature to differ, but who is worshiping the real Creator, who is right? who is wrong? Well the answer is everyone is right, yes even the Romans, the Greeks and/or the Hindu. Picture this in terms of the language analogy…human beings can physically speak but due to the human nature of differences, cultures, locations; we do not speak the same language. Better yet we can represent this as an equation and let all the variables be the different languages. what will we factor out?

Now back to the issue at hand. We can also imagine our situation as an equation with all the different believes being the variables:  for instance
GOD (Jesus* Krishna* Mohammed………..n) from the above we can derive that God is a common factor in every belief.

According to me, religion is something our leaders imposed to base our ethical decisions and that could be a factor as to why we have so many different believes. And again, I believe God is the order in the universe. The force that maintains a neat system for the inhabitants of planet earth. It is said that God has no end, and the universe is infinite. coincidence? Anyway I was born a christian but this is what I truly believe and I am glad this conclusion was not influenced by anyone else. Just ME!

I am sure by now everyone who has read thus far tends to believe me or rather is in doubt of their current believes. Well, do not abandon your believes. This text is just an experiment to show you how the human mind is flexible. Nowadays, people tend to believe anything presented to them in a mathematical and scientific approach. This is why everyone is finding themselves believing in conspiracy theories and such like arguments presented in documentaries. This is a not a bad thing as it shows that the human mind is at work and we support rational thinking. However, be careful my friends. Make sure you truly believe what you claim to believe.

YoungJoey (c)2011