Where are We Headed? by Alffie

Nowadays people care only for

The plant not the seeds

The outcome not the deeds

The wants not the needs

Do you know what that means?

Pepe Haze – We’ve lost it

So one of our fellow Kenyans who was in the Big Brother Allstars recently came back home. And the reception, as I see it is one almost befitting a hero or heroine in this case. The question that sticks out for me is: What exactly did she do to deserve this?.. Well, some say that they are proud of her for ‘representing Kenya well’ in the reality TV show!

Wait!! ‘Representing Kenya well?!!!” Really? Are we really to be proud of her actions in the TV show? And if we are, why are proud of it? Is it that she reflects us as a nation- Which I very much doubt- or us as people of the nation? I don’t see the need to get into the show’s antics but what does this say about us?

Then not so long ago, there was this drama about the lady who got “busted” by a radio show for having been involved with her boss. The husband suspected that the affair was going on and turned to the show which confirmed this suspicion albeit in unconventional ways.

Several reasons why this show is such are:

  • Relationships are full of deception these days
  • Controversy, ‘juicy’ cheating stories seem to attract more listeners than morally upright issues.

More to that, the story gets picked up by the morning show where ‘relationship’ advice is given.

When did we stoop to getting advice about relationships from the radio presenters?

When did we start to gauge our morals by standards portrayed by the media?

Where are we headed:

When we praise the ones that portray everything that is wrong in our society?

When are we headed:

When trust is out of our fabric as relating humans?

Where are we headed;

When our guide to life are media personalities?

Is the media a reflection of our society or the other way round or is it just a vicious cycle?

Whatever the answer, something needs to change.

In that great piece, Pepe Haze closes with this:

It was then that I realized,

We are not free!

Things have gotten worse,

Our sons (and daughters) worship

The system that’s killing us

If you cannot see this, you are probably in the picture!

“You can’t see the picture if you are in the frame” ~ MOG Showtime

It’s time you take a step back, get out of the frame!!