Believe What You Really Believe

By Young Joey

One day I just sat on my bed and thought, many people may not know me as a thinker but the few people who know me (I mean….really know me) would beg to differ. Anyway, as I sat on my bed – smoking on that popular illegal drug – I thought, the world as we know it is the only planet that supports life in it. It is not that other heavenly bodies cannot, but they lack a thing or two and that makes life impossible. Earth on the other hand is just the right distance from the sun, has a moon that lights up the dark half of the planet, and has all the right elements favourable for life. Did you know that Jupiter plays a role in Earth’s survival? Well it does. Jupiter’s mass shields the Earth from asteroids and comets, mmmh.. I want you to think about this… is Earth just this lucky?;that it just so happened to be the life supporting body that just lies in the perfect position in a very organised solar system?; Albert Einstein talked of the vastness of the universe and day by day NASA gets better and better telescopes to help us understand this, but surely there has never been any form of life on any other body except the Earth (well none that we know of). Anyway the above text was just to set you up for an observation I have made recently, (I am hoping to publish a book on this one day).

We are all born into our family or community believes: If our parents are Muslims we become muslims and every other religion is fallacy, if our parents are Christians we in turn become christians and every other religion is fallacy and so on and so on….

My point in this is that we never really truly believe our religious backgrounds we just tend to obey our parents. As there is no ONE language on earth there surely cannot be any ONE belief. It is human nature to differ, but who is worshiping the real Creator, who is right? who is wrong? Well the answer is everyone is right, yes even the Romans, the Greeks and/or the Hindu. Picture this in terms of the language analogy…human beings can physically speak but due to the human nature of differences, cultures, locations; we do not speak the same language. Better yet we can represent this as an equation and let all the variables be the different languages. what will we factor out?

Now back to the issue at hand. We can also imagine our situation as an equation with all the different believes being the variables:  for instance
GOD (Jesus* Krishna* Mohammed………..n) from the above we can derive that God is a common factor in every belief.

According to me, religion is something our leaders imposed to base our ethical decisions and that could be a factor as to why we have so many different believes. And again, I believe God is the order in the universe. The force that maintains a neat system for the inhabitants of planet earth. It is said that God has no end, and the universe is infinite. coincidence? Anyway I was born a christian but this is what I truly believe and I am glad this conclusion was not influenced by anyone else. Just ME!

I am sure by now everyone who has read thus far tends to believe me or rather is in doubt of their current believes. Well, do not abandon your believes. This text is just an experiment to show you how the human mind is flexible. Nowadays, people tend to believe anything presented to them in a mathematical and scientific approach. This is why everyone is finding themselves believing in conspiracy theories and such like arguments presented in documentaries. This is a not a bad thing as it shows that the human mind is at work and we support rational thinking. However, be careful my friends. Make sure you truly believe what you claim to believe.

YoungJoey (c)2011

What Have You Done For Your Country

By Justalffie

What are you doing for your country?


In what could be one of the most elaborate & stinging quote as pertaining to patriotism & a citizen’s responsibility to their country from one of the most recognizable leaders, John F. Kennedy said:

“Ask not what your country can do for youask what you can do for your country.”

This is what came to mind after the ‘country’ became incensed, frustrated & even disgusted when the Ocampo 6’s return was welcomed in what can be likened to a ‘Hero’s welcome!’ The media did not make it any better with all of them turning their attention to Uhuru Park while at the same time purporting not to support them!

It’s this that I believe brought about the “I Support Ocampo 6 Media BlackOut” (#ISupportOcampo6MediaBlackOut on twitter) movement and cry all over the cyber world (read ‘Kenya’) and then came the petition to collect signatures in support of this cause. (Sign the Petition)

At this point I wondered how exactly this will help; so the petition is signed then & a HIGHLY almost METAPHYSICALLY IMPROBABLE turn of events that the media blackout is effected; then what? Don’t get me wrong, sign the petition. It’s a worthy cause but here I ask what good is a ‘good cause with no effect”?

Allow me to illustrate. If you were in unfamiliar territory and were lost and along the way you meet a native of the area who happens to know the area, ask him for directions. Assume with me, that he goes ahead & tells you how dangerous the path you are on is but doesn’t tell the right path to take, of what help will that be to you?

That’s how I feel about this move. Media blackout is well & good but what is it that we’ll be doing in the meantime? Inaction is just as bad as bad action, if not worse!

For too long we’ve complained about these politricksters with their politricks (as Peter Tosh would put it). What they are doing is hardly new to us or new at all! They’ll still come back to the voting public with the now famous “90 day roadmap” to do whatever including relocating the IDPs!! What nerve?!! Malcolm Muggeridge, a great in the media industry put it this way;

All new news is old news happening to new people.”

So in essence we are being REACTIVE in airing our frustrations which we all know will avail little to nothing! It’s time to be PROACTIVE. Talking about what they should do then get angry when they inevitably don’t do, is pointless. This is what Albert Einstein referred to as insanity when he defined it as;

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

But in terms of offering a direction to take, maybe Confucius said it best when he said;

“Better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness.”

Cursing the darkness (what we don’t like about the politicians & maybe the media) will not make it go away. Shining a light on the other hand will kill the darkness! This is the focus of this post… WHAT TO DO, not WHAT AND HOW BEST TO COMPLAIN ABOUT WHAT IS NOT BEING DONE!


I’m not going to suggest aggression because I’m of the same school of thought as Dr. John Lennox who once said that, ‘In the country I come from (N. Ireland), Aggression is usually linked to weakness of argument.‘ I believe we have strength in our argument.

What can we do as the media fights for these leaders’ attention or the other way round or is it a symbiotic relationship?!

I offer a suggestion. Using twitter as a sample, we have corporate, sober media personalities, influential members of the business, music industries, event organizers, bloggers… the list of these movers & shakers, so to speak, is endless!

Twitter has more than 70,000 Kenyan users – about 50,000 active users but for the sake of this argument allow me to use 20,000. If for example, in a month, these 20,000 tweeters give only 500 each, we’ll have a total of 10 Million!! How far along can this go in the pursuit of aiding our brothers & sisters who were displaced during the PEV?!

That’s just one month. How much more can we do in the next 12 months, that is before these politricksters come back to tell us how they promise to resettle them in the now famous 90 days?!!

Just recently, there was the 1% drive that helped raise 100,000 in 8 hours via social sites! 8 hrs!! We can’t honestly say we can’t effect change now can we?

Events can be planned, drives held etc… nothing can really STOP A UNIFIED PEOPLE!

Remember Kenya Feb 28?


Many have different opinions concerning this initiative some even see it as a waste of time. I, however, see it as an initiative that achieved its objective – Unite Kenyans in singing the National Anthem which doubles up as a prayer or hymn as some see it! Without the “endorsement” of the government we, Kenyans, came together for a positive cause. If that’s not a testimony that we can do much more I don’t know what is?!

 If we, in our various capacities (still using twitter as the base of argument but not excluding other forums) including the corporate in these platforms, ACT we’ll have achieved more than just going on about “righteously advocating” for an Ocampo6 media blackout or whichever other blackout!


Well, it’s time we walk the talk, and to borrow from Johnnie Walker tag line… “Keep Walking”..

You want an Ocampo 6 (along with others) media blackout, good BUT don’t stop there, in fact don’t even give them your time. Instead effect change. It’s common knowledge some of them will want to ride on your cause down the line.

For the media, maybe these words by Caroline Mutoko address you best:
Let’s STOP the madness”