I Didn’t Stop Them

By Alffie

I received their hate-texts,
heard their hate-speeches,
and their “anti-them” war cries
Their “they don’t belong here”
and “this land is ours” talks..

But I didn’t stop them!

I heard them talk behind their backs,
plotting and planning to chase them away
Not gently but by force where necessary
Get them going by any means –
on foot, donkey-cart or the back of cargo trucks

But I didn’t stop them!

I saw them chase them
from their homes and their farms
Robbing them of their property and of their land
But perhaps most traumatizing and devastating
Was robbing them of their peace of mind

But I didn’t stop them!

I saw them raise their machetes
Even saw arrows,
I saw them carry kerosene,
matchsticks, torches
Arson was their agenda

But I didn’t stop them!

I may not have joined them
But I might as well have,
Evil prevailed
Because this so-called “good man”
did nothing, didn’t even say anything!

But now I’m guilty of another crime
Forgetting them that I did not defend
Blood stained hands masked by time
Another case of out of sight of mind
I didn’t stop them then
And I’m not helping the affected now!

But I will or at least try to
Speak up and help now!
And for my part then
I am sorry now!
What I let happen back then
I can’t let happen again now
or ever!

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Edmund Burke

Until the “leaders” take responsibility for their role in the 2007/2008 PEV, I have no reason to take them seriously! We all have to take responsibility! And not just take responsibility in word but also in deed!

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