Love made in Radio

So another day I happen to listen to radio, which is a rare thing as most Kenyan radio presenters talk too much, and I caught a conversation that really intrigued me. Apparently this show is the one for playing cupid, if I may put it that way. Why anyone would go on national radio to look for a spouse is beyond my comprehension.

Anyway, I digress, back to the story. The presenter asks the lady to give background about her and the kind of man she’s looking for. The lady says she’s 24, unemployed and is currently helping her mother out in her business.  When asked about her education, she said she was a class 8 dropout. Her father died back then and they were unable to raise fees to take her to school (I sympathize). What has she been up to in the past lets say 10 years? She joined an acting group, did some acts with them, dropped out, joined again, and dropped out than finally she decided to join her mum in the business venture. Oookay

The guy she’s looking for? He has to be 30-35 years of age, driving a car, employed. What if he has a child, will you mind? No, as long as the child is a girl. Why??!!? Boys are not easy to handle. Long pause (mainly for me, followed by chants to calm me down). And the presenter went on to ask if there was anyone out there interested, that they should call in or was it email and they’d be hooked up!!! Yay! Cupid strikes again!!

Totally unrelated

After that I think I switched to the other station cuz I could not believe what I had just heard. Was that girl for real? Or was I being too quick to judge? Either way, it got me thinking, what was she putting on the table? I mean, many years, women have been known to make lists of their dream men/Mr. right/ the one etc. Articles have been written, books have been published, and shows broadcasted discouraging these lists, all because those lists can get a bit unrealistic. But I won’t discourage it. I say, write on, if you won’t get the perfect one, at least it will serve as a guide to getting someone similar.

Mr. Right

But the question is what are we (ladies) putting on the table? Fine, we want them rich and famous, lean and handsome, focused and disciplined, loyal and loving….ta da da da da da. What are you offering in exchange for all this?

We need to up our game too. Partners complement each other, not complete each other (however romantic it sounded in Jerry Maguire!!). When making the lists, I think we should also consider what we are going to give too. Let’s not wait and sit pretty hoping someone will pick us. You want that phenomenal man? Be phenomenal too. You might not make more money than him, or more educated than him (or the opposite of all this) etc, but you can match up in your own way.

So, that said, I’d like to be very clear that I’m not a therapist nor am I famous for my flourishing relationship with a man. But I felt I should spread the word as this is what I was told by someone who has been there and done that, happily married with children, living life (can I justify this any more). As for me and my list, at my age, the only thing that’s there is, let him be alive and breathing .

Totally related!!!

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  1. Spetacular in other ways like in bed? I’m just asking….

    • In bed? well depends on the kind of person you are. if you’re determining factor in choosing a spouse is the bed activities…well, that’s your criteria

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