Birth of the 27th Letter

By lon’s draft


(1st Testament;
Page 27-AZ:00 hours)

Near a window
at the corner table,
A hand lifts a pen and writes.
Blood drips from the white page
ideas flow like red
Pregnant with meaning
The book cries
ink tears
letters fight to get out
twenty six daughters
prisoners of the alphabet
an unseen son
wanting to be heard
to be felt
to be free!
to form words that touch souls
evoke emotion
and stimulate thoughts
living words
to be consumed by minds
whispered by hearts
and concieved by mouths
the birth of a king
in the world of words
The 27th letter!

_lon’s draft_


This piece by lon’s draft was actually penned down about a year ago.

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  1. Hmmm… let me read it again.


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