Help Needed

Caroline Ngina was somewhere last week and was touched by what she saw. I quote her from now henceforth:

“I was at The ‘Nyumba ya wazee’, the one run by the Municipal Council of Mombasa in makande (not the one at Tudor). The 50 or so old men and women desperately need your help as all their needs cannot be catered for by the inadequate council funds….
I am urging and begging each of you to please please help out these old people.

The home needs

  • *Underwear for both men and women
  • *A Dressing tray with instruments
  • * Bed Linen and Pillows
  • * Socks
  • *Bathroom Slippers
  • *Other essentials such as foodstuffs, soap, toothpaste, milk, clothing etc

This looks like much but it is not, if we all pledge something small. Everything there is very essential but cannot be procured by the authorities. Most of these things can be found from your own homes (linen, pillows. slippers, socks)
the rest, has to be bought. I kindly ask that you help these Old Men and Women in whatever way. If you also know any organisation that can assist, kindly let them know so that they can help.”

Please contact CAROLINE NGINA on 0721785260 for more details on how you can assist.

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  1. Mary

     /  November 30, 2010

    If people can be mobilized, we can raise funds and buy what they need and spend a day with them. I’ll spread the word.

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