Luo Cheering Song by Alffie

Alffie starts us off on Keeping it Kenyan with this Luo Cheering Song.

Koriko gi koni kendo koriko gi kochaa.. tero buru x2

river nyando is not navigable…….  tero buru x2
but lake victoria has got hyacinthiii….. tero buru x2

nyoyo mang’ich oknyal melt BB….. tero buru x2
agwata motuch oknyal twomo nyuka…. tero buru x2

akala motuch can make kutho chwoyi….tero buru x2
long moyiech can make nyako weyi…  tero buru x2

small tp oknyal yweyo sianda…..  tero buru x2
but steel woolu is very pain fullu… tero buru x2


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  1. hehehehehe The idea is actually nicer than i thought. Totally made my day

  2. this song reminds me of High school sports cheering squads and being at a rugby match 🙂

  3. taken me back them days!!!!


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