I Want To Be Like You

I am a child,

Innocent yet bold,

Enough to ask,

Why you put me to the task.

Yet i am unequal.

Teach me first how to be selfish,

Hateful and unkind,

Isn’t it weak to be kind?

Show me how to walk,

On paths of evil and petty talk.

So when i, my first words, speak,

Or my first steps take,

I may make no mistake.

Take my puny hands,

Let me lie on your wings,

Teach me how to fly, in the vast evil skies,

Like eagles on the winds,

So i can grab more space,

And care less for others’ sakes.

Show me how you swoop low.

And i will keep tow.

Show me how you steal,

Little ones from the meek and humble.

So when i grow up, i will be just like you.

Then let us sit back in glee,

Let us, from good, flee,

Shelter justice from my unknowing eyes,

Freeze my heart, make it cold as ice.

Show me hurtful words to say,

I see you do it too.

Teach me never to be the server.

Always the master.

So when i cannot be,

I must be still.

I want to walk in your shoes,

They will fit me in season,

When i have learnt your ways.

Teach me how to steal, please.

I want  to learn to be unworthy of trust,

And utterances fabricate in haste.

Teach me the art of war,

I want to make many a foe.

I am your student, in the school called Life.

Teach me before i grow.

So when i do,

I will be just like you.

© Ado Yiembo

Copy and pass “I want to be like you” around to your heart’s content,
but always post my Copyright notice above, correctly, both as  courtesy and as a legal necessity to protect any writer. Thank you.


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