Trust by Alffie

In one of my favorite movies-The Italian Job-Donald Sutherland’s character always said this one line that has stuck in my head ever since:

“I trust everyone; I just don’t trust their demons”

The Russians on the other hand have a saying;
“Trust but verify!”


Looking at the world right now, you have to agree with me that trust is one thing lacking in almost every sphere of our daily lives.


Allow me to cite several things that have come to my attention to support this notion:


  • There was one a time when restaurants offered tomato sauce for free…but nowadays, well let’s just say you pay for everything!


  • Sticking with food; French fries a. k. a ‘chips’ are eaten with toothpicks! You could think the Chinese are not only flooding the country with their products & services but now even attempting to bring in their ‘chop-stick eating culture’ (starting “toothpick” small I suppose) but no! The reason is that, simply put, no restaurant is willing to risk buying forks every waking day!


  • And just to rub it in your face that they don’t trust you, you have to pay first before you eat…seems we all have the potential to run without paying our bills!


  • To say we don’t trust our politicians is a foregone conclusion yet somehow we trust them enough to keep voting them back in every other time!


  • The Matatu touts can’t afford to let you ride first and pay when you get to your destination; there was a time this was possible but not anymore!


  • Need to rent a house? You have to first pay a 2 and sometimes 3 month rent advance! I guess the landlords have had enough of people deciding to move out at night to avoid paying rent!


  • And just recently, the technology revolution just took this to a whole new level-an earth’s core low-level!! In comes Juju where you can spy on your spouse’s cell phone communications. Protecting your “investment”? I think not! Just another lack of trust scenario!


  • And the cheating in schools by young minds? Well, in a bid to ‘curb’ (read ‘we don’t trust these students/pupils’) we now have exams in the mornings only and education made ‘less tasking’ by allowing use of calculators and reduced subjects to study!!


All these measures will in no doubt continue so several questions arise:

“Where did the old fashion trust go?”

“Are these measures a consequence of our untrustworthiness or is our continued untrustworthiness a result of these measures?”


The answers to these and many other questions may never be conclusive but this one thing is certain trusting anyone, or anyone trusting us may be ill-advised! So to rectify this as Mohandas K. Gandhi said
“We have to be the change we want to see in the world”.
Or as one of my favorite artist DJ Nicholas puts it:


As a big automobile starts with key,

And Paul & Peter start with “P”

A revival (read ‘a revolution, change’) starts with (you and) me!!


*( ) my added interpretations.

What these men are saying is simply to bring back this virtue, don’t ask of it from another person before it’s in you first!

Be trustworthy!!


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  1. In Uganda they actually let passengers pa when they reach their destination………………..There is a milion other ways they poke each other in the eye and say ” I do not trust you”. I like this post


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