The Journey

On the heavy trucks
Under the scorching sun,
We lost our souls
As we sought our cause
with heavy burden on our shoulders
Both physical and virtual, we trudged on
Listening to the sound of the tires
as they moved on the different surfaces
Listening to the sound of birds fading away
And watching the place call home fade into the horizon
The heavy boots of the officers granting us a glimmer of hope
That we would reach wherever we were going.

We were a handful,
Old and young alike,
babies on the mother’s back,
And those still in the womb
Old men with no sight and with walking sticks
We stared at each other as if imprinting their faces in our minds
With pride soaring in our hearts despite the circumstances,
We wrote the history of our beloved Country
Bound by the same bond,
A bond that will never break now or ever
A bond that gave us the strength to trudge on

We made it to the Promised Land
hoping to get honey and milk
but we found bitter herbs,
calling the dilapidated tents our homes,
unprotected from the scorching sun and the rain
having morsels for food and rags for clothes
we wonder, is this the end of it all?
Memories of the vast lands we left behind
Memories of the safety and comfort that was snatched for us
Still replay in our minds,
And we still ask is this the end of it all?

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